Digital marketing

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We offer 360º digital marketing

For online marketing to be effective, a certain set of actions must be completed simultaneously. We must distribute the resources we have to carry out joint action in various media.


Google Ads Campaigns

We manage your Google Adwords campaigns so that they are more profitable, and you can watch your income grow month by month.


Keywords Research

We analyse which keywords best fit your business and discover new related keywords to get more out of your website.


Youtube Campaigns

We create spots and all kinds of audio-visual elements so that your brand is the focus of attention on YouTube.


Social Media Marketing

We manage marketing campaigns on the social networks that best fit your business and combine them with the SMO strategies of our community managers.


CRO - Conversion Rate Optimization

Our online marketing campaigns are focused on conversion optimisation to improve ROI (return on investment) as soon as possible.


Monthly reports

Every month we will give you an analysis of the results obtained, and you will be able to easily see the evolution of your campaigns and how your website is becoming increasingly profitable.

What our clients say

Why have a 360º digital marketing strategy?

Advertising that reaches your target audience

One of the advantages of using internet marketing campaigns compared to traditional ones using offline or physical means is that you can obtain a very high segmentation and thus reach your target audience without wasting resources by advertising to people that in principle are not interested in your products or services.

On the internet we have a lot of data and analytics that we can use to segment campaigns to a certain age group, gender, one or more languages, a city, province or any area we want. By fine-tuning these factors and analysing according to your product, we can choose the channels that will be most profitable to start advertising your company.

Results Analysis

A very important factor when carrying out an online marketing campaign is measuring results to understand the exact details of what is happening on your website and to act accordingly. It is very important to recognise how users enter, from where they have gained access, and how they behave in order to improve everything possible so that those users generate conversions on your website, whether that be completing a purchase or performing an action such as filling out a form or hitting the call button.

These analyses also give us an indication of whether the campaign we are carrying out is well-directed and it is feasible to continue on the same path or perhaps identify the need to modify the strategy. All of this data can be analysed with a range of tools which we use the majority of the time to successfully carry out campaigns.

Marketing within your website

It is not enough to just do online campaigns in different media such as Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the other social networks. It is also necessary to do a thorough preparation of the website because no matter how well the ads are designed, if users enter the website and don’t find what they had expected to, or it is messy and confusing or it does not directly inspire confidence, our campaign will be futile. You need to work on all aspects of the website and the company. You must have a website that has a smart appearance which provides credibility to the product or service offered on the site.

Making it user-friendly

Another essential aspect that greatly affects the marketing of your website is the ease of navigation and the arrangement of the different elements displayed on the website. If you look at our website, you will see that you don’t need to scroll far or search for long before finding a way to contact us. It is vital that this is easy for users because they may not be very experienced with web browsing, they may not have time, or it may be the case that they are impatient. It is also crucial that the website loads quickly and doesn’t contain errors so as to not lose those precious customers who are connecting from a mobile device in a place with poor coverage.

Generation of specific landing pages

Perhaps users who are looking for your products or services want something very specific. For this it is very beneficial to generate landing pages for specific campaigns or products and services with some particularity in order to distinguish them from other products that these potential customers who have entered through a specific ad may not be interested in.