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In addition to some of the more important things, there is a small subset of factors which help to guarantee complete satisfaction in terms of making your business a success when performed in a neat and perfectionist way.


Keywords research

We analyse keywords, determining which are the most profitable for your business and then work them together with their semantic families to obtain a true long-term SEO result.


SEO onpage

This is the foundation of SEO: a good text, completing meta descriptions, meta titles, density and prominence of the keywords, among many other factors.


Web Performance Optimization

It is very important that your website loads at high speeds, especially when it is accessed through mobile devices with very limited coverage, you will lose bounces and you will gain SEO.



We generate links from our own sites as well as from reputable third parties to increase the relevance of your website and considerably increase the position of your website in SERPs.



We generate content for your blog or for the strategic pages of your website to achieve a high-quality text that serves to increase the SEO of your website.


Monthly reports

Every month we will provide you with an analysis of the results obtained and you will be easily able to see the evolution of your website in terms of the improvement of its organic positioning.

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Other services that improve your online positioning

Make sure you are discoverable on Google Maps.

Nowadays, many people look for nearby services when they are away from home. Make yours easily discoverable by optimising your Google My Business listing so that you appear in the top search results of Google Maps and as a result attract more customers. You can also take advantage of reviews from users who have already visited your website to encourage people to visit who are motivated by your customers' comments.

If you do not already have a Google My Business account, we will create one for you and if you have one already, we will optimise it by adding photos, improving the text, inserting keywords so that you can be discovered even if they do not specifically search for your business thereby encouraging the accumulation of positive comments. All of this serves to attract more customers and retain existing ones.

WPO - Web Performance Optimization

We are meticulous in making necessary modifications to websites to achieve optimum performance. For example, we reduce the weight of the images you have inserted by using a cache system that is compatible with the configuration of the server where it is hosted (or we migrate to another server). We also configure Apache to achieve the desired performance.

This helps SEO greatly because Google tends to prioritise websites that load the fastest in their search results, but it also helps reduce user rebound since it favours users who have accessed them through mobile devices that have limited coverage, with the ability to access sites within a few seconds.

Is SEO or web positioning only for online businesses?

Having read the content of this page, you will have noticed that at no time have we specified that Google positioning is valid only for online businesses. This is because we believe that we have reached a point of convergence between physical and online businesses. These days you no longer need to be sitting at a desktop or laptop at home to search for something in an online store. You can be taking a walk down the street and on a whim decide to go for a drink or dinner, so you search for a bar or a restaurant with your smartphone, which perhaps doesn’t have a website (although almost every business does nowadays, even if it is just a static website) and you head straight there.

Offline businesses now also depend on the internet

Or perhaps it is the case that you are in an unfamiliar city and need some type of service, so you rely on your phone for information. The fact is that from a business point of view, it has come to the stage that even those who consider themselves to be solely offline businesses will ultimately see their profitability increased thanks to the internet. There are even some businesses that have begun to have roaring success, which would have been nothing short of impossible without the internet.

Now that you have a little more information about SEO, you should understand the work behind a well-positioned website. And all this work is worthwhile it if it is done right and you get a return on investment within an acceptable period of time.

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